Community outreach

Chrysalide is also engaged in community outreach because we believe that it is important to sensitize the whole community on issues relating to substance abuse and HIV/Aids.

Every year Chrysalide participate in the international commemorations of the World Aids Day, Candlelight Memorial, International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.


Red Umbrella is a movement that was launched by Chrysalide in 2010 and which aims at advocating for sex workers human rights in Mauritius. It follows the example of many other Red Umbrella movements around the world. The red umbrella is a universal symbol representing protection of sex workers from abuse and discrimination. Each year, we organize a Red Umbrella March on the streets of Mauritius to commemorate International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers (December 17th). In 2011, Chrysalide disseminated an educative pamphlet “Know you rights” targeting sex workers. Today it has become a part of the regional network “African Sex Workers Alliance” and aims at becoming a part of the Global network NSWP.

Success Stories

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Sustainable development is also a priority at Chrysalide. In this regard, the building is equipped with solar water heaters, solar lighting and is soon to be equipped with a water recycling system and rain water recycling. In collaboration with the ABC Group of Companies, Chrysalide is also newly engaged in the recycling of plastic bottles in the region.

In the light of becoming financially self-sustainable, Chrysalide has a vegetable farm, a chicken farm and produce its own compost. Eggs, fruits and vegetables are used at the centre to alleviate the running cost of the residential centre and the excess is sold to the public at cost price.