The Rehabilitation Program

The rehabilitation program at Chrysalide is based on the therapeutic method called “Projet Homme”. Every human being, have in them an internal resilience, that enables them to reach beyond their present capabilities and take their life in their hand. “Only you can do it, but not alone”. What are of interest to our kind of rehabilitation are neither the substances, nor the abstinence from such substances, but it is the human being in all his dimensions. For us substance use or misuse is not only the search for a solution to a pain, but the symptom of a profound distress. We seek to eliminate the psychic and existential torment, to help the person rectify his life and to rediscover values and direction in his life. The final goal is the reintegration of the person in his family and in society as a free and responsible member. At Chrysalide, the rehabilitation program is a residential one and focuses on three types of services: medical care, psychosocial therapy and reinsertion.

Medical Care

All beneficiaries are medically treated for her addiction to mitigate withdrawals symptoms.

- Those suffering from alcoholism are referred to the Psychiatric Hospital Brown Sequard for medical detoxification
- Those suffering from drug addiction can choose between two modes of substitution. Codeine Substitution can be prescribed by a doctor at Chrysalide and lasts up to six weeks. There is also the Methadone Substitution Therapy which is offered by the Ministry of Health. We accompany beneficiaries on the Methadone Substitution Therapy to Methadone Centres every morning for their daily treatment.

In Mauritius, sex workers and Injecting Drug Users have been identified as the most vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV/Aids and Hepatitis. In order to best attend to the health needs of our beneficiaries, our medical care services include: pre and post test counseling, testing, accompaniment to health centers, emotional support, antiretroviral treatment, treatment literacy, nutrition and food supplements.

Psychosocial Support

Upon admission at Chrysalide, beneficiaries are immersed in a therapeutic community: a well–structured daily community life with occupational / work therapy in the morning, therapeutic groups in the afternoon and recreational activities in the evenings and week-ends. Strong emphasis is made on behavioral management and education in-vivo. Everything is therapeutic in a community; from the way we talk to each other, clean the dishes or have fun without alcohol or drugs. Self-Esteem Building and Assertiveness Training is a major focus of the staff’s therapeutic interventions, while volunteers conduct courses in literacy, basic computer skills, modern handicraft and other useful and marketable skills.

Seminars, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Occupational Therapy, leisure times … every action is educational and therapeutic.

At first the aim of the therapy is to allow the person to reflect at her past, then to locate the main cause of her addiction and to work on it, and finally to move beyond the past, facing the present and getting ready for the future.


Reintegration of women in the society is a gradual process from the centre. Chrysalide assists the women in obtaining job training, employment, and appropriate living arrangements. Beneficiaries have time to adjust to the working life prior to moving to their own residence. After leaving the centre, intensive follow-up support will continue for at least one year and upon demand after that.