Get Involved



People who donate time are just as important to us as people who donate money. Every year, dozens of volunteers make gift of their time and support us in our mission. This enables us to reach out to more people and improve on the quality of our services.

If you would like to take concrete action to support these women in their change of life, mobilize yourself and share your time and talents in a meaningful way by volunteering at Chrysalide.

As a volunteer you can:
-       Participate in prevention and advocacy events
-       help out in fundraising activities
-       share your expertise and talents by becoming a regular

So we can understand your experience, interests and availability, please fill in a registration form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Fundraise for us:

Over the years, Chrysalide was fortunate enough to have volunteers who have committed themselves to organize fundraising events at the benefit of the organization, helping us alleviate the financial burden weighing on our shoulders.

If you also wish to get involved and have great organization skills or would like to acquire these skills, you can organize a fundraiser within your community. We would love to assist you and the possibilities are endless: theme party, bingo night, lottery, sports day, marathon, flea market, bake sale etc…

Thank you and don’t forget to spread the word around you!